Rural Room is a patchwork of ideas, thought threads and interesting stories from the sticks woven together through creativity. It’s designed to preserve the integrity of regional Australia into the future through a supportive virtual community. Rural Room endeavours to inspire, engage and share diverse perspectives about country life- the challenges, the magical moments, the pain and the sheer joy. It aims to minimise the gap between country and city.

Rural Room provides unique access to immersive and interactive story telling, film development, interesting articles, relevant insights, books, interiors, imagery, poetry, illustration, recipes, craft, collectables and songs. Rural Room is here to probe lively and considered discussion, prise open minds, heal hearts and activate genuine engagement through storytelling.

Just like the Australian bush Rural Room is perfectly imperfect- rough yet tranquil, evocative yet provocative, beautiful yet tragic, romantic, confronting, and eternally animated for everyone to enjoy as active stakeholders.It’s a safe and comforting place that people can come to for friendship, connection, discussion and participation. It’s not exclusive or intrusive.

Rural Room is primarily designed for people who live remotely but just like good old fashioned country hospitality the doors are open for anyone to pop in and enjoy a cuppa- those for whom the country is nostalgic, those who have a desire to understand remote Australia better, those who are transitioning to the country, those who yearn for the country and those who feel loosely connected to the country for whatever reason that is meaningful to them.

Overtime the Rural Room virtual environment will transcend into a mobile incubation hub that will travel to regional communities to provide real time engagement and community growth through creativity.

Welcome to the Room- it’s all yours so pull off your boots and grab a beer.