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Shearing Trifle

We’ve been elbows deep in wool for the annual shearing effort. Apart from penning up and skirting fleeces we also need to feed the hungry hordes! With little time and lots of mouths we like quick meals that are tasty as well as hasty. 

Today we thought we would share our go-to trifle recipe from the unfailing CWA cookbook.

Trifle is beaut because you can use your week old sponge cake (we hate food wastage) and it’s really easy to make!

Ingredients –

Approx 1/2 of 18cm sponge 

12 ratafias 

500ml rich custard

125ml cream

6 macaroons 

30gr blanched almonds

125ml sherry

Raspberry Jam

Cherries & angelica


Spread the sliced sponges with Jam and arrange in a glass bowl with the macaroons and ratafias. 

Pour over the sherry gradually and allow to stand for 15 minutes.

Add the custard. Just before serving decorate with the whipped cream, sliced almonds, cherries and angelica.

**We had leftover jelly from the day before so we added that, blueberries, strawberries and shaved chocolate- DELICIOUS!! 

What dish do you wip up during shearing? Are you a shearer’s cook? We want to hear from you! Please post on the RR Facebook page or send us an email 

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