Three nights in a row before bed, my 18 month old has chosen the same two books to read, from quite a large collection I might add. She has chosen ‘Edwina the Emu’ & ‘Aussie Jingle Bells’!

I love the adaptation of the traditional Jingle Bells…and yes it has to be sung, not read!

There certainly are some cliches and stereotypes of what typifies an ‘Aussie’ Christmas but what’s not to love about that…and hey let’s face it – who hasn’t been to a Christmas day that hasn’t included a barbie, an esky & your best thongs!

Jingle all the way I say!

FullSizeRender (11)

Rural Room would love to hear about your favourite Aussie author- do your kids love ‘Possum Magic’ or ‘Lockie Leonard’ or maybe you have a book that brings back memories – ‘Storm Boy’ or ‘The Magic Pudding’… please drop us a note to share your favourites!

AUTHOR: Sam Stubna

1 comment on “Bush books

  1. February Dragon by Colin Thiele was my all time favourite when I was young. Received it for Christmas and still have it.

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