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The silver lining

"a massive cheers to the BP man who sold me his last 2 litres of milk"

My little town made headlines recently thanks to some rather unseasonably wet weather. The Great Floods of 2017 have been dubbed the worst local weather event in living memory. Even now, weeks later, the true devastation is still being realized – with farmers and local businesses copping the brunt of it.

But as a cup-half-full-kinda-gal, the inundation (‘scuse the pun) of support, camaraderie and mateship is the superior natural phenomenon here – the silver lining to a pretty grey cloud (again, sorry).

Here’s gratitude to the SES volunteers and emergency services who braved miserable and dangerous conditions in search of stranded, and also, sadly, deceased people.

Here’s credit to the farming mums and dads who worked out weeks of carpooling schedules because the school buses couldn’t run.

Props to the footy team who cleared the mountain of stinking sludge left behind on the hockey field.

hockey oval
Photo: Sharon Della

Applause for the local Community Resource Centre for coordinating donations of meals for emergency services staff and vollies (and to those who cooked and donated!).

A shout out to the couple that gave up their bed and slept on the floor for my friends who became stranded 70kms from town after their car conked it in a floodway.

Kudos to the local GP who made himself available via Skype for those in need.

And personally, a massive cheers to the BP man who sold me his last 2 litres of milk which he’d set aside for his own family – my morning caffeine requirements ain’t easing for no natural disaster and neither will my three-year-old.

For now, endless tales of compassion and benevolence dominate supermarket chit chat. I know it’s not quite Nobel Peace Prize-winning stuff and Mother Theresa probably slept on the floor every night, but in a time of wall-building and isolationist politics it’s nice to see good ol’ fashioned country values still hold strong in this little neck of the woods.

We would love to hear how your community has rallied in times of need, please share in the comment section below.

Author: Gab Major
Photographer of hero image: Dana Fairhead

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