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Welcome to Rural Room!

We got a tonne of carpet, a stack load of furniture and knocked this room together to provide a communal space for you to share stories, ideas and thoughts about Regional Australia.

Well, here we are- welcome to Rural Room.
Pour yourself a beer… or a bourbon, bubbles, bundy, chardy, JD, shiraz, a cocktail and all that jazz. Maybe tea is your weapon of choice or you’re partial to a coffee? We’ve stocked up on everything- the fridge will always be full. (So too the biscuit tin.) This is a really cosy room- comfy couches, heaps of space and a vintage record player. We even have a resident dog- it’s a kelpie, naturally.

You just need to bring a couple of things if you’re coming over for a chinwag- your imagination, a sense of humour and a good attitude. Sure, you can bring a six pack and a bottle of wine, if you insist.

In fact, it’s probably not a bad idea to raise a stubbie right now… to open Rural Room officially…CHEERS! We are chuffed that we are launching this virtual room with 7000 followers – we welcome you into this space with open arms. It’s your room so you can come over whenever you want and stay as long as you want, for drinks, laughs, tears and tales.

We designed Rural Room because the gap between city and country seems to be growing and we want to try to bridge that gap. So… we got a tonne of carpet, a stack load of furniture and we knocked this room together to provide a communal space for you to share stories, ideas and thoughts. We want to preserve the integrity of Regional Australia into the future through a supportive virtual community. We want to share diverse perspectives about country life- the challenges, the magical moments, the pain and the sheer joy.

We do have a couple of house rules, they’re not narky we promise-

1. Please participate and share your opinion. **When you’ve got a couple of drinks under your belt you might be more opinionated than usual, which is totally fine because it probably means you’ll also bust out a karaoke rendition of “Livin’ on a Prayer” and amuse us greatly but we just ask that you don’t have a crack at anyone and you’re always respectful, Aretha Franklin style. Dancing on the tables though, that’s encouraged.

2. Please give us your feedback – we want this room to get better and better so shoot us an email to with ideas you have for us. Down the track we will be running competitions for Rural Room contributors- we want to hear from you so please speak up.

3. Please make your fellow Rural Roomies feel welcome- you’re as much a host as us. On occasion, you might be asked to pass around the cheese plate, pour some wine or put the kettle on… you know the drill. We’ve rigged up a contraption to make sure the door remains open at all times for everybody, everywhere. We encourage you to interact with each other- we’re all here to celebrate the wins and commiserate the losses.

4. Please come as you are – no need to dress to impress. We know that things don’t always go to plan and from time to time you get covered in mud, flour or cow crap. You are welcome here warts and all, we won’t ever judge and we ask that you don’t either.

5. Please bring your mates- the more the merrier. Please tell them about us so that we can get this room cranking. We hope that, in the not too distant future, we will be able to get on the road and have a beer with you all in person.

So – help yourself to the fridge, kick off your boots, check out the vinyl collection, crank the tunes and make yourself at home. We’re just about to pop a cork to celebrate and we hope you don’t mind but we dusted off the old JBJ record to get this party started… can you tell that we made a head start on the drinks fridge?!

We couldn’t help ourselves, we’re just so excited to have you here!!*

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